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Basketball Court Led Luminaires

  • The BSBL is a system LED floodlight by Interfos, for basketball courts, with High Led technology that not only efficiently fulfils standards but also offers HDTV-compliant light for high-speed recording.
  • Recording is with approximately 300 frames per second, and light is of decisive importance. Conventional lighting is usually pulsed with 50 Hertz, and this can be clearly seen with recordings from around 200 frames per second.
  • The BSBL led floodlight system ensure high efficient illumination.
  • The 50000 hours led life time minimize the service life of the BSBL Led floodlight system.
  • The lighting solution by BSBL led system meets the FIBA demands for HDTV-compliant broadcasting.
  • In addition to a vertical illuminance value of 2000 lux, high homogeneity and good color rendering are also ensured.
  • The floodlights can be individually controlled via DMX,1-10,Dalli and can be step by step dimmed: According to its court lighting senarios requarement the light and therefore the power consumption can be adjusted.




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