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Energy Saving

  Widespread use of LEDS over the next ten years will:


  •    Save more energy
  •    Save more money
  •    Help protect the environment


 We respect the need of humanity for the reduction of greenhouse phenomenon by reducing polluting emissions and limiting global warming.Following the developments in energy saving, we manufacture lighting fixtures with the latest technology of led’s.

  Since 2005 we are trying to perfect methods of retrofit through the Interfos led adaptors who first introduced on the world market.

 They don’t spread heating in the space. So they don’t affect the exposed products.

 They don’t contribute to increase the environment temperature (as it usually happens) offering an  over and above energy saving due to less using of air conditioning.


  •  They do not contain hydrogen, cadmium nor lead
  •  They are 100% recyclable
  •  They registered as energy classification A and they are certified according to the EU specifications.


  The energy-efficient solutions incorporated in the manufacturing of our lighting fixtures and their use,  reduce energy costs contributing this way to energy saving and reduction of the environmental  impact.

  INTERFOS LED LIGHTING can reduce electricity needs for lighting by more than 80%, depended from   the product type and application.


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